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Firewood Treasures Accepts Commission Work


Walnut bowl for my granddaughter from the old tree
that stood in the yard of her father's boyhood home.

The most meaningful pieces of artwork are those with which we have a personal attachment.

A friend of mine is making a dollhouse for her daughter. This is a gift that her child will cherish throughout her life because it was made for her by her mother. And so my friend is decorating the house with only the highest quality miniatures, bone china place settings, silver serviceware, and precious wood vases and bowls like those from Firewood Treasures. Her dollhouse, when completed will be handed down from generation to generation.

That said, this heirloom in the making would be even more precious if the wooden objects were fashioned from the wood of the tree that today her daughter swings in and plays under.

Rick Smith would be happy to talk with you about fashioning miniatures, or perhaps standard pieces, from the wood of a tree of special significance to you. As you can see from the the wide variety of woods used in creating the artwork on this site, the tree you choose need not be of "fine wood" (e.g. cherry) in order to yield objects of striking beauty. So, if you have a branch of at least 3" diameter from that favorite tree, consider sending a portion of it to us for a specially comissioned artwork. Include a brief description of the tree and its significance to you, as that will help get the creative wheels turning.

If you are interested in this idea, please allow 2-3 months for completion of the work. Wood that comes directly from the tree or outdoors generally requires at least a month of seasoning before it can be worked.

TERMS: For commissioned pieces, we require a deposit of 50% of the total price to begin the project. The remaining 50% + shipping is due at the time of completion and prior to shipment. Should the purchaser decide not to keep the piece or cancel the order before completion, we retain 40% of the total price upon return of the item (or cancellation of the order). The piece itself reverts to the possession of Firewood Treasures.

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