Firewood Treasures

Miniatures from Firewood Treasures

Plum, Black Walnut, Black Cherry Miniatures

(all 1/12 Scale)

If an item that you order happens to be sold, we will, if possible, substitute another of the same wood, style, and quality. If you do not want us to make a substitution, please notify us of that fact at the contact link below. If you see a "sold" item that you like, please email us. It is quite possible that we may have another like it in stock.


(Plum) MPL-V-103 $12.00

(Plum) MPL-V-105 $14.00

(Walnut) MWA-V-104 $14.00

(Walnut) MWA-V-121 $14.00

(Cherry) MCH-V-104 $14.00

(Cherry) MCH-V-106 $15.00

Mortar & Pestle

(Plum) MPL-MP-102 $25.00

(Plum) MPL-MP-103 $25.00

(Walnut) MWA-MP-102 $25.00

(Walnut) MWA-MP-101 $25.00

(Cherry) MCH-MP-102 $25.00 SOLD
(Cherry) MCH-MP-103 $25.00

Rolling pin
(Plum) MPL-RP-102 $16.00

(Plum) MPL-RP-103 $16.00

(Walnut) MWA-RP-101 $16.00

(Walnut) MWA-RP-102 $16.00

(Cherry) MCH-RP-106 $16.00 SOLD
(Cherry) MCH-RP-102 $16.00
Salad Set (bowl & 2 servers)

(Plum) MPL-SS-103 $22.00

(Plum) MPL-SS-102 $22.00

(Walnut) MWA-SS-104 $22.00

(Walnut) MWA-SS-106 $22.00

(Cherry) MCH-SS-102 $25.00

(Cherry) MCH-SS-104 $25.00


(Plum) MPL-B-101 $16.00

(Plum) MPL-B-102 $16.00

(Walnut) MWA-B-106 $14.00

(Walnut) MWA-B-103 $17.00

(Cherry) MCH-B-115 $15.00

(Cherry) MCH-B-118 $16.00

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