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***Wye Oak Miniatures are now available for sale***

Note: These items (particularly vases) sell rapidly. If you order an item that

has already been purchased, we will substitute another of similar design and

quality. But given the nature of wood, there will be slight variations. If you do

not wish a substitution, please include a note to that effect with your order.

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MWO-V-108 $28.00

MWO-V-120 $28.00

MWO-V-104 $28.00

MWO-V-201 $28.00

MWO-V-203 $28.00

MWO-V-161 $28.00

Mortar & Pestle

MWO-MP-110 $40.00

MWO-MP-112 $40.00

MWO-MP-104 $40.00

MWO-MP-114 $40.00

MWO-MP-105 $40.00

MWO-MP-106 $40.00

Rolling pin
MWO-RP-104 $30.00

MWO-RP-106 $30.00

MWO-RP-107 $30.00

MWO-RP-111 $30.00

MWO-RP-110 $30.00

MWO-RP-113 $30.00
Salad Set (bowl & 2 servers)

MWO-SS-109 $38.00

MWO-SS-108 $38.00

MWO-SS-105 $38.00

MWO-SS-102 $38.00

MWO-SS-107 $38.00

MWO-SS-104 $38.00


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